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Age-appropriate Turkey Feed

Hatch – 6 weeks - Starter

28%  protein recommended  

e.g. Laucke Turkey Starter, Riverina Turkey Starter (contain coccidiostat)

7 weeks – 10 weeks - Grower

22% protein recommended

e.g. Laucke Meatline Starter, Riverina Turkey Grower, Barastoc Starter (all contain coccidiostat)

11+ weeks –  intended for breeding - Finisher

19% - 20% protein recommended

e.g. Laucke Meatline Finisher, Barastoc Turkey Grower (both contain coccidiostat), Laucke Red Hen Meat Bird,

Mother Hen Premium Layer micro-pellet

11+ weeks – intended for slaughter - Low Finisher

17% - 18.5% protein recommended

 e.g. Barastoc Finisher, Laucke Extra Egg Seventeen,

11+ weeks –  Maintenance

15%  protein recommended

e.g. Riverina Red Label Layer pellets, Laucke Home Lay pellets, AGM Laying pellets


17% protein recommended

Additional supplements - Calcium e.g. shell grit; introduce this feed a few weeks before breeding. 

e.g. Laucke Showbird Breeder

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